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Halloween During a Pandemic

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Tips for a Fun Halloween During the Pandemic

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Halloween might look a little different this year. But that’s okay! Your family can still celebrate Halloween, even if you can’t go trick or treating, visit haunted houses, or throw your annual party. A socially distant Halloween is in everyone’s best interest, so stay close to home and find new ways to make the spooky holiday special for your kids. Check out the following ideas to keep your Halloween safe and fun this year.

Keep it Virtual

Virtual parties and online games are great alternatives to your traditional Halloween celebrations.

● Take your family on a virtual tour of famous haunted houses and hotels.

● Look for online Halloween games to get your kids in the spooky spirit.

● Throw a virtual Halloween party over Zoom. You could even assemble exciting party kits and deliver them to your party guests a few days early.

● Add some eerie ambiance with a Halloween-themed Zoom background.

Halloween bingo is an excellent activity for virtual parties.

Plan a Special Family Night

Make Halloween night feel special and magical for your kids by planning an evening of games, movies, and tasty treats.

● Ask your kids to help you make Halloween decorations for your family night of fun.

● Build a DIY firepit and enjoy the Halloween evening around a roaring fire.

● Create an engaging Halloween scavenger hunt for your kids around your home and backyard.

● Print out some creative stencils before you start carving pumpkins.

● Have some fun in the kitchen creating spooky snacks and baked goodies.

● Cozy up on the couch with your Halloween treats and some scary movies for kids.

Get Your Neighborhood Involved

As long as you practice social distancing, you may be able to enjoy some local activities in your neighborhood.

● Get together with your neighbors to plan a costume parade for the kids on your block.

● The CDC recommends one-way trick-or-treating to limit contact with strangers and keep everyone safe.

● If the rate of transmission is low in your area, you could even throw a small outdoor costume party for your neighbors.

While COVID-19 might make Halloween a little scarier this year, it doesn’t have to derail your plans for a fun evening with the kids. Get creative, make the most of virtual tools, and opt for socially distant events over your typical celebration. No matter what you do, your kids are bound to have a blast!

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