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The Einsteins at All Superstars Preschool visit CiCi’s Pizza on their day off school

The Einsteins at All Superstars Preschool visit CiCi’s Pizza on their day off school

Monday the 15th of October was a school off day for all students of The Lee County School District. Whenever our after school students have a day off school, we organize a field trip; and this week a visit to CiCi’s Pizza was on the agenda.

A day off school presents a unique opportunity for the students from all three of our preschool locations to come together for an exciting day out. We believe combining the three locations on trips like these assist in developing the childrens’ social skills. New friendships are always forged during these trips.

While the teachers of the Lee County School District were taking their in-service day, our students were on their way to CiCi’s pizza, where the wonderful staff there had quite the treat waiting for us.

The All Superstars Einsteins were going to become pizza chefs for the day! Each child was given their very own pizza base and given creative freedom to create their very own pie. Before getting started however, the team at CiCi’s organized a drawing/coloring contest. The after schoolers were tasked with drawing and coloring pizzas on blank paper. The winner was judged at the end of the field and awarded a special prize!

After all the students finished their coloring masterpieces, it was time to get into the meat of the field trip. It was pizza time. Table by table the students neatly lined up to receive their pizza dough. With excitement building, they sat attentively listening to the recommended steps to properly saucing a pizza.

Once the saucing stage was complete (with surprisingly little mess), the pizzas were covered in cheese and pepperonis. If the children asked nicely, they were given extra toppings! This is where the creativity sprang out of our after school students. They created smiley faces, shapes and wrote letters with their toppings before they were taken off to the ovens to be baked.

During the cooking process, the children were given cups and were able to select a beverage of their choosing from the soda fountain – many of the youngsters electing to combine multiple flavors into one – creating their very own custom concoction!

At All Superstars Preschool, we take healthy dietary habits seriously and encourage children to eat as many vegetables as possible. We explained to the kids that pizza is okay every once in a while as a treat; but the key to healthy living is a balanced, vegetable rich diet. To hammer this point home, Mr. Richard challenged the children to eat as many vegetables from the salad bar as possible while their pizzas cooked. It’s incredible how fast veggies disappear when there’s a bit of competition linked to it!

The staff at CiCi’s got a kick out of pulling the pizza creations out of the oven, often laughing out loud at the pictures the children made. A Cyclops was definitely a fan favorite! The children were served their pizzas and enjoyed them while socializing with their friends at their tables - all while practicing proper table manners and etiquette.

When everyone finished their meals, it was time to announce the winner of the drawing contest. 6-year-old Isabella Cruz beat out all the other students (many whom were nearly twice her age). She won due to her creativity, creating a family of pizzas of all different sizes and shapes. She even gave a beard of olives to the papa pizza! Isabella was awarded extra tokens to use CiCi’s arcade room, and the rest of the students received tokens to play some games as well.

The afterschool students had a marvelous time with the staff at CiCi’s pizza. We can’t wait to come back for another visit! Take a look at our video of the field trip below:


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