Thank you for taking the time to investigate our website.   Early stimulation of the brain has a huge influence on how children will learn and interact with others throughout their lives.


The young brain will develop most effectively with an abundance of loving interactions with caring adults who understand early childhood development. The staff at All Superstars Preschool are very carefully selected and trained to ensure that each child’s experience will be the best that it can be.


We are well known for having extremely low turnover of staff which gives children the consistency and security that they need to flourish. While all our staff are totally proficient in English, several of them are bi-lingual which is a great asset in early education.

The owner of All Superstars Preschool, Kate Sroka, was born and raised in England. She has a Bachelor’s degree and a post graduate teaching certification. She became interested in preschool education when her 2 children were born in the late 1980′s and started a Music and Movement playgroup in her local village.


A few years later she and her husband moved to Germany and joined the Board of Directors of the local Kindergarten where their children attended. Shortly afterwards, in 1993, they moved to Florida where Kate added a Child Development credential and a Director’s credential to her qualifications and purchased the Downtown Cape Coral preschool that she has been operating ever since.


Kate's daughter, Annie, is now a partner in the business. She has the benefit of her own terrific memories,  firstly as a child in the preschool in Germany and, subsequently as an Einstein at All Superstars. These positive experiences along with a degree in Psychology and a great natural rapport with young children have given her the best possible foundation to ensure the continuing high quality of our program.  

Kate's son, Richard,  has his own marketing company. We are his favorite clients! This website and all the wonderful videos you see on our Facebook page are his work. He also loves to play with the children and was a preschooler and an Einstein here in the nineties. He has a degree in marketing and his Early Childhood education certification.

With the advantage of our experience in preschool education in England, Germany, and America, we can utilize the best ideas and approaches to preschool education from each of these 3 countries.


In America, most child care centers are purpose built. Our centers are based on the highest standards of the best of American preschool design. All of our light, bright classrooms have attractive equipment easily accessible to children.


The classrooms are all a perfect size for the age groups of the children. There are enough children in each group to enable healthy social interactions but not so many as to cause confusion. The large playgrounds are creatively designed with lots of space for children to run, play, swing, ride bikes and play ball. All three centers  have hydroponic gardens.

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