Learning about Florida

At All Superstars we feel it is very important to help children learn about their unique Florida environment. There are so many interesting plants and animals to recognize and know. Children are naturally curious and observant so, with careful and attentive adults, they can gain so much meaningful knowledge about the world immediately around them.


As they begin to learn the letters of the alphabet, we do like our children to know that M is for Mahogany as well as for a well known fast food restaurant!

There are numerous trees and shrubs around our center and we encourage our children to recognize them and know what times of the year they produce seeds and flowers. The seasons in Florida are different and the changes more subtle than in other parts of the country but they are there to be observed nevertheless.

Learning about the Florida environment is important for children’s safety also. Not that we have seen any at our center, but we do like our children to be able to recognize the 4 venomous snakes of SW Florida. Coral snakes are very pretty but children need to be able to recognize them and to know to walk away if they see one and inform an adult. Io caterpillars are also very attractive but have quite a nasty sting. Our children know to look, but not touch, if they happen to come across one.

Becoming more knowledgable about our immediate environment makes us all more aware and observant generally which helps to give us a thirst for knowledge that lasts a lifetime. The best time of life to start this habit is at the beginning!