Upon enrollment at All Superstars preschool, you will receive our parent handbook and full guide to our policies. They can also be found below. 

Our hours

We serve children ages 1 -13 years: Monday till Friday – 6:30 AM until 6:0O PM at our Downtown Center and 6:15 AM until 6:00 PM at our Midtown and North Fort Myers locations. 

We are  open until 10pm at our Downtown Cape Coral location on the first Friday of every month for "Date Night Friday" - the children love this as much as the adults do!


Our staff

We are very careful to select a very special type of person to care for our children. For us it is a vital prerequisite for our staff to -

- be friendly, patient and kind
- have plenty of common sense and a high level of responsibility
- have a great sense of humor and be a joy to be around

Our Lead Teachers have a CDA (Child Development Associate credential), CPR and First Aid certification, and considerable experience in early childhood education. Our Supervising Staff have teaching degrees.

All employees are thoroughly screened before hiring and, if they don’t already have it, start training immediately towards their State certification for child care.

We have regular staff meetings with evaluations and planning sessions. Our staff attend in-service training courses and are actively encouraged to seek further training in early childhood education. To be the very best role models for our children, we place great emphasis on teamwork and joyful cooperation.


Frequently asked questions for you, the parent

How does drop off and pick up work?

Please escort your child into the building, sign in, and then take your child to his or her teacher. Only those who have a code will be able to enter the building so please don’t hold the door open for someone you don’t know! We ask that a preschool child is never left unattended. Once in the classroom or on the playground, please always notify the teacher of your child’s arrival. Please also be sure to let your child’s teacher know when you leave. This is not just for security reasons, we need those good-bye hugs! A child will not be released to a person who has not been authorized by a parent to pick up his or her child. The person collecting the child must come into the building and sign out. Please do not be offended if we ask you for identification. We are very concerned for the safety and well-being of the children in our care. If your sign out square has a highlight or you see any kind of message, please contact the office. This means that we have something to ask or tell you. We care about the safety of children and will try to prevent children from travelling with anyone whom may seem to be intoxicated or impaired in any way from driving safely. We will always help make alternative arrangements.

What do I need to bring?

We supply mats for naptime. We ask you to bring a fitted crib sheet for a 2 ft. by 3 ft. nap mat as well as a small sheet or blanket. Bedding should go home weekly, or whenever needed, to be laundered. Your child can bring a cuddly toy for naptime if he or she would like. Please bring diapers and wipes if your child is not yet potty trained and several changes of clothes if your child is beginning the potty training process. For all other children, please bring in one change of clothing. Please be sure that all belongings are clearly labeled. Within 30 days of enrollment, you must provide us with DCF FORMS 3O4O and 68O (proof of up-to-date immunizations and a physical exam within the last two years.) Please keep us up to date with any new inoculations.

What should I leave at home?

We cannot be responsible for toys, watches, jewelry, etc. brought from home. Please do not allow your preschooler to bring them in, unless they are related to the theme or letter of the week. Of course toys, with the exception of violent toys such as guns, may be brought in on “Show and Tell” days. School age children on school off days and during the vacations often like to bring gadgets from home. If your child does, we need to be sure he or she has your permission so please ask to sign a form at the office. Please do not allow your child to bring food or treats into the center unless it is pre-arranged for a special occasion. If your child is allergic to any of the food we offer, please do bring in an alternative along with a Doctor’s note specifying the allergy.

Are meals provided?

We are contracted with the USDA Child Nutrition program and serve breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. Please check for meal times with your child's class. Nutritious meals are prepared for the children and will always contain the four basic food components. Menus are posted for your review and you are welcome to take a copy home. Typically, at least once per week, we have the children involved in creating a nutritious snack for themselves. The children also grow vegetables and herbs in our hydroponic garden and they get no end of pleasure eating them! Click here to to learn more about our unique hydroponic gardening!

What clothing should my child wear?

Your child will go outside every day and will enjoy activities such as painting, sand and water play and playdough. While we do have children wear overalls for extra messy activities, we cannot be responsible for the condition of their clothing, so do try to have your child wear clothes that don’t matter too much! For reasons of safety, open-toed sandals or flip-flops are not suitable for outdoor play. We recommend that you select shoes with velcro closings until your child is old enough to begin to learn to tie his or her shoes. Young children enjoy trying to do things for themselves and velcro makes this easier. We do not recommend wearing jewelry at our preschools and will not be held liable for losses or any injuries that may occur as a result of jewelry worn by your child.

What is All Superstars' discipline policy?

Typically we have very few behavioral problems as children are kept appropriately busy and occupied in a calm environment. We always praise good behavior and immediately redirect any unacceptable behavior, giving clear explanations. We have simple, understandable rules and adults are firm, supportive, and consistent in helping children follow them. If, however, despite help and redirection, an unacceptable behavior does continue, the child might need to be removed from his or her activity for a short time. Depending on how best the teacher feels the child will be able to regain control of his or her behavior, he or she may go for a little “Let’s calm down and then talk about it” walk with the teacher or he or she may have to sit out for a few minutes. The length of time will be appropriate for the child’s behavior and age. Elementary students will follow the same procedure. In severe cases of misbehavior, a child may have to be withdrawn from a field trip or suspended for the day. Sometimes he or she might be asked to write down his or her own suggestions as to how to improve a certain misbehavior. Our classroom learning activities include those that are designed to help children to make good decisions and to develop a keen interest in the welfare of others. We do not believe in corporal punishment. If a child behaves in such a way that a staff member or other children may in danger of getting hurt, we will restrain the child to prevent injury. The child will never be hurt in this procedure.

How are illnesses handled?

If your child shows any symptoms of illness during the day, he or she will be immediately isolated from the others and you will be contacted. We will take very good care of him or her until you arrive. We will notify you if your child has been exposed to a contagious disease so that you can be alert to symptoms of that disease in your child. We also ask you to keep us informed about exposures to contagious diseases, so that we can notify other parents to watch out for symptoms. While exposure to many contagious diseases is a normal part of childhood, these policies will minimize the risk of most preventable diseases. Please use good judgement as to when you should keep your child at home. If we cannot contact you, we will take your child to your physician or hospital if we feel it is necessary. Please keep your child with any of the following symptoms at home until the symptoms disappear or your physician decides the child can return to the center without spreading infection to the other children. ** Fever (over 1OO degrees – if this occurs in the center, the child will need to go home.)
** Diarrhea and /or vomiting (If this occurs in the center two times or more, the child will need to go home)
** Constant green nasal discharge
** Severe coughing
** Difficult or rapid breathing
** Yellowish skin or eyes
** Pinkeye (conjunctivitis)
** Head lice or scabies

Does All Superstars administer medications?

Whenever possible, medications should be administered at home. We administer medications according to the recommendations of the Health Department. Please be sure to fill out the correct documentation supplied by the office. Please always bring labeled medications in their original container to the office and never leave medications in your child’s backpack, bin or cubby.

How is good hygiene practiced?

Good hygiene habits go a long way to preventing the spread of disease. Staff and children at All Superstars Preschool are in the habit of washing their hands when they arrive at the center, after toileting, before meals and snacks, after coming in from outside and at any other time necessary during the day. Please be sure to endorse these good habits at home. For the protection of children and staff, please notify us if your child contracts a communicable disease. This way we can notify other parents to watch out for symptoms.

What is your toilet training policy?

We will work with you during this important time. Do ask for our "All Superstars' Potty Club" forms. Our little ones love being in the "Potty Club!" Please bring at least 2 changes of labeled clothing for your child in the training stage and keep us well supplied with diapers or pull-ups (minimum 5 per day). If we run out, we have to charge $1 per diaper used. Please note that we are forbidden by the Health Department to wash or even rinse any clothing soiled by bodily fluids. Such clothing will be placed in a sealed bag to go home.

What if my child is bitten?

According to research, 5O% of children will be bitten at some time or other in a child care center. While none of us like biting, there is at least some reassurance in knowing that it is a common behavior in very young children. It is very rare for children not to have outgrown this habit by the time they are 3 years old. To date there is no reported case of HIV transmission from a human bite. We do of course make consistent efforts to reduce the possibilities of biting taking place. If a child bites on a regular basis and does not respond to our efforts to correct the behavior, we may have to dis-enroll the child for a period of time until he or she has outgrown the habit. We do respect the confidentiality rights of parents and will not disclose the name of a biting child without the consent of the parents.

What are All Superstars' outdoor play policies?

Playing outside on our beautiful playgrounds is, for most children, one of the most rewarding activities of the day. A child should come to the center well enough to participate in all outdoor activities. If, however, there are medical reasons for a child to have to remain indoors, we will be glad to comply with a written physician’s request. We shorten our outdoor play time in extreme heat or cold.

What happens during bad weather?

In the event of very bad weather, please call ahead to be sure that the center is open. Should weather conditions deteriorate during the day, we may have to close early. We will call you in such an event. Our normal policy is that if the public schools close due to bad weather we do too, unless the schools are closed to be used as shelters.

What are your emergency procedures?

We have mandatory fire drills once a month to be sure that staff and children are familiar with the procedures. We also have regular drills for lockdowns and tornadoes.

How does your water play work?

During the summer, your child will be able to participate regularly in our water play activities. You will need to check with your child’s class for the schedule and have your child come to the center wearing his or her bathing suit. Your child will also need a labeled change of clothes, towel, water-shoes, and sunscreen.

Does All Superstars Preschool go on field trips?

We like to take VPK and school age children on excursions. Trips are well supervised and all precautions are made for the children’s safety and well-being. Our vans are equipped with booster seats, have mandatory annual inspections and are regularly serviced. You will be notified of field trips ahead of time and will need to sign permissions. We always welcome parent volunteers on all our field trips.

How are accidents and injuries handled?

If your child is injured and needs medical assistance, we will contact you immediately. Your health insurance will be the primary source responsible for payment of any treatment. We do have an accident insurance to cover any costs not covered by your insurance up to the maximum of the accident insurance. All injuries are reported for you to review and sign. If another child is involved, that child’s parent receives a report also. Names are not disclosed.

What is your policy on pets?

Children enjoy taking care of animals so we have classroom pets. We have pets such as hamsters, bearded dragons, turtles, and fish. We also occasionally like to bring our pet dogs, Lexie and Ares, to visit. They are very friendly with children but please let us know if your child has any fears or allergies.

How do you handle personal and sensitive information?

If your child is experiencing any problem at home which you feel might affect his or her behavior at the center, please let us know. Moving house, changes in family relationships, or even changes in your work schedules can be very stressful for children and we may need to give a child some extra individual attention to help him or her through these changes. Of course we will keep the information confidential.

Do you celebrate birthdays?

We love celebrating birthdays and we like to make this a very special day for your child. He or she will be a Prince or Princess and spoiled rotten for the entire day! Please consult the Director regarding any special catering arrangements you may like to make. Of course, you are warmly invited to participate!

Do you participate in any fundraisers?

We run several different kinds of fund-raisers throughout the year either for charities, for field trips, or for special purchases for the Center. We always display purchases we make for the center from funds raised this way, for parents to see that the children are the only beneficiaries. While we appreciate your support, there is no reason for you to feel obliged to participate.

Is there a parent orientation evening?

Once a year, in July or August, we hold an “Orientation” evening to give you a chance to meet your child’s new teachers, find out about their backgrounds, their goals for the year, and to ask any questions you might have. Be sure to find out the exact date and time from the office manager.

Do you host guest speakers?

Several times a year, we invite local guest speakers, such as a pediatrician or a Kindergarten teacher, to come for a discussion evening with parents on various different aspects of early childhood.

Do you hold parent & teacher conferences?

Anytime that you or your child’s teacher feels that a conference would be beneficial for your child, we can arrange one. Normally your child’s teacher, the center director, and both parents or guardians attend.

Will my child be assessed?

We observe your child’s development closely. You will receive 2 written evaluations or progress reports throughout the year. We typically use the Ages and Stages tool. A conference request form is attached to these reports, but we are always here to discuss any matter concerning your child’s well-being, your goals and expectations.

What is your policy on television and movies?

Children at All Superstars have plenty of activities and so our use of TV is extremely limited. Children are never required to view. G rated movies chosen by the children, and approved by the adults, are available as a choice for school age children and Pre-K children during vacation times.

What is your payment policy?

- We charge an annual registration fee, billed every August. This fee is prorated for your first year of attendance.
- All payments are made the morning of the first day of the week your child attends.
- There is a late fee of $1O if payment is not received by Wednesday.
- There will be a $2O charge for any returned check.
- Please pick up your child by closing time. We charge a late fee of $1 per minute. - As a courtesy to you (and your budget!), we only charge you for the days your child attends so bills are adjusted every Friday.

Do you have a referral policy?

Naturally we hope you will be very happy with the services we provide at All Superstars. If you refer a new client to us, our way of saying “Thank you” will be to credit your account with the 4th week of their tuition charge.

How do you handle changes in attendance?

For staff planning reasons, please let us know if your schedule changes. We try to be as accommodating as we possibly can to fit your scheduling requirements. Please give us at least one week advance notice should you decide to withdraw your child for any reason.

How do you handle absences?

Please notify us if your child will be absent to save us undue concern. You will not be required to pay as we only charge you for the days that your child attends.

How do you handle public holidays?

We are closed on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. If the Holiday falls on a Saturday, we will close on the Friday. If it falls on a Sunday, we will close on the Monday. Just for these Holidays, There are no reduction in tuition fees because we like our well-deserving staff to be paid for these special days. These 6 days are the only exception to our flexible tuition schedules. If your child attends for 2 days or more the week of the Holiday, we will charge you for the Holiday as well. We are normally closed on the Saturday if a Holiday is on the Friday or Monday. Please check with us.