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Hydroponic Garden

We have hydroponic gardens at each center. They were donated to us by the Rotary Club of Cape North as part of a community outreach initiative in partnership with the Cape Coral Veterans’ Association.

Our children learn how to grow fruits, herbs, vegetables, and flowers. The advantage of hydroponic gardening over traditional methods is that the success rate is so much higher.


Children get so excited about eating their homegrown tomatoes and lettuces! Do take a look at our Facebook page to see more pictures! Growing our own food is by far the best way to encourage healthy eating habits!

Our school age children (Einsteins) also enjoy selling the produce in our front office and donating the proceeds to the Rotary Club. Every so often a group of Einsteins go  to the Rotary Club to introduce themselves and to learn how their hard-earned money is being spent.

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