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10 fire tips for families

Recently the North Fort Myers Fire Department came to visit our Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten class located at our North Fort Myers All Superstars Preschool location.

Fire inspector, Christi Kuwicki along with the help of the fire fighters from the department, put on an engaging and informative demonstration on fire prevention and what to do in the case of a fire emergency.

The children listened intently as they learned the proper procedures to follow if a fire started in their homes. You can watch a complete video of the demonstration that includes a tour of the fire truck and squirting the fire hose!

After the demonstration, we thought it would be a good idea to put together a quick a list of fire safety measures. A fire in a home can be a scary experience, and we hope it doesn’t happen to any of our families; however, following the below steps can assist greatly in the case of an emergency.

1. Know who to call in case of an emergency “911”.

- It’s important your child knows who to call in case of an emergency, but it is just as important for your child to know what an emergency is! Be sure they understand when and when not to use 911.

2. Identify two ways out of every room in your home. Make sure the two ways out are accessible by all family members.

- Windows are difficult for the elderly and smaller children. Be sure everyone is educated, experienced and physically capable with opening the windows. We’d suggest showing everyone how to operate the window and then, practice, practice, practice!

3. Be sure your child knows your name and phone number.

- This is most important in the case your child is lost. Try practicing these details with your child when you’re driving them to preschool!

4. Know your home address.

- Not all addresses and information of the residence is identified automatically when calling 911. Similar to number four, practice these details with your child whenever and wherever possible.

5. Stay low under smoke.

- Smoke rises, so staying low to the floor (crawling is best), will aid in inhaling less smoke.

6. Have a permanent meeting spot outside the home.

- Make sure this is not a vehicle. A mailbox or large tree is ideal.

7. Change the batteries in your smoke alarm when you change your clocks.

- Changing batteries in your smoke alarm when you change your clocks is an easy reminder.

8. All smoke alarms on the market need to be replaced after the manufacture date of 10 years.

- The manufacturer date is located on the back of the alarm.

9. Be sure to have all family members familiar with the sound of your home’s smoke alarm

- You can push the test button to hear the alarm, or do what Miss Annie does and accidentally burn some bacon on a Sunday morning!

10. Have a plan, and practice it!

- A fire can be a frightening experience for a family to go through, however you can make the experience much less so by practicing your emergency plan with your children.


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