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Riding Trikes for Charity

If you have much, give of your wealth; if you have little, give of your heart.
― Arabian Proverb

Children are never too young to learn the value and joy of helping others. Learning about giving can start at an early age. We at All Superstars Preschool prioritize teaching preschoolers how to show kindness to other children who don’t have much, because we realize that this habit may not come naturally to them at their early age.

Our love for children at All Superstars Preschool is second to none. We believe that all children deserve equal opportunities. With this in mind, some of our little ones participated in a Trike-A-Thon challenge to raise funds for children of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

A Brief Introduction On St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is located in Memphis, Tennessee. It was founded by entertainer Danny Thomas in 1962. It is a pediatric hospital, whose mission is to cure and prevent life-threatening conditions, particularly leukemia, and other cancers in children, through research and treatment.

Their research is focused specifically on cancers, some acquired and inherited immunodeficiencies, sickle cell disease, infectious diseases, and genetic disorders. The hospital accepts children for cancer treatment and those who are eligible for transplantation, relapse, or Phase I or II clinical trials.

It will cost approximately $1 billion to operate St. Jude this year, and the majority of that must come from generous donors. Patients are treated at no cost to their families.

According to U.S News and World Report, it is the best children’s hospital 2019-2020.

The Annual All Superstars Trike-A-Thon

The first group of trike riders is from Miss Tracy’s Zebra class. They are all excited to ride their trikes in a circle with their parents donating money to raise funds for children at St Jude Children’s Hospital.

Before the event begins, Mr. Kyle (our course manager) performs his official course walk. His job is to ensure the course is clean, safe, and free of any debris. The kids must be safe during their Trike-A-Thon, and no one takes safety (or anything) more seriously than Mr. Kyle!

The course layout is a box design with gates to the north and south. It has a narrow entrance for the children to cross. The gates are to be monitored to ensure the children proceed along safely. By 3:30 pm he completes his course walk, given his safety approval and its time for the Trike-A-Thon to begin!

The children climb aboard their trikes to participate in a Trike-A-Thon fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, to raise money for children with debilitating illnesses. They take their place at the starting point and the race. The children race along the course with excitement on their faces and pass the narrow gates in a single file. They stop at the Athlete Hydration Lemonade Stand, for a quick drink to give them the needed energy to continue racing.

Our Einsteins (school age children) created a pit stop to serve any of those racers who may have experienced any technical difficulties with their trikes during the race.

Each lap is paid for by their parents. They sure had a lot of fun peddling their little hearts out and raised over $600! Woohoo!

We would like to thank all the families who helped make this event such a success. If there are any individuals who would like to donate for the children at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, please contact the office at any of our preschool locations in Cape Coral and North Fort Myers.


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