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VPK Newsletter 11/16/2018 - a week of construction

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Dear Zebra Parents,

We had a great two weeks learning about construction! We had oodles of fun 

constructing castles out of our cardboard boxes. 

Next week is, of course, a short week because of the Thanksgiving holiday. We will enjoy a special Thanksgiving lunch on Tuesday. Please bring in cranberries on Monday so that we can make delicious cranberry sauce to have with our lunch! 

While there is no VPK on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, we are OPEN on Wednesday and Friday so please let us know if you need us. This ensures we are properly staffed. Also please note that if your child attends on Wednesday, you will be charged for the Thursday holiday.  

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your families and friends! Enjoy singing one of our favorite songs, there's nothing like singing loudly to spread the holiday cheer! 

Special notes for Downtown VPK parents:

  • Friday, November 30th is our Broadway Palm trip please bring in money. If you're not sure about how much more you need please ask your child's teacher. 

  • Miss Kelley's class is still waiting to receive family pictures, please don't let your child be left out! Miss Kelley's class will be getting additional worksheets to take home during the break. 

Special notes for Midtown VPK parents:

  • Please bring in your decorated feather by Monday, the 19th. This way our turkey will be full of dazzling feathers for our Tuesday celebration! 

Miss Sandy, Miss Sandra, Miss Barbara, Miss Tracie, Miss Kelley, Miss Stephenie, Miss Ellie, Miss Debbie, Miss Julia and Miss Carole


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