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Mother’s Day Activities for Preschoolers

Mothers do so much for kids and families it seems a shame we only celebrate them one day a year. While it’s great to recognize mothers everyday, Mother’s Day is a chance to give mom the extra special attention and love she deserves. Even if she insists she doesn’t want anyone to make a fuss, use the opportunity to show her just how very much she is loved and appreciated.

The best gifts are not those that cost a fortune, but rather those that come from the heart. We’ve got a few ideas for young kids to show mom some love this Mother’s Day.

Mom Interview

An easy and fun idea to celebrate mom and give her a gift she’ll want to keep forever, is holding a “mom interview.” There are several ways you could organize this activity. You could print off a list of questions about mom that your preschooler will try to answer for her. Then sit down with mom, ask her to answer and see how close your answers were. (Kids often provide hilarious answers to questions such as “how old is mom? Or, what’s your favorite thing to do when you’re bored?”)

You could also set this up as more of a traditional interview where you both get dressed up, use a microphone, and record it on your phone!

If your child is up for it, you could reverse roles when you’re done. Mom interviews the child with the same (or similar questions).

Mom and Child Handprints

A child’s handprint is so meaningful because we know it’s fleeting. Until they reach adulthood, their handprint will continue to grow and evolve. Taking the time to stop and imprint it is a great way to “stop time” (even if only for a moment).

The easiest way to capture your child’s handprint is with paint or ink. Simply paint or ink their hands and press their hand onto card-stock or some other thick paper. You can decorate the border with a stencil or special design by your preschooler. You could also buy cheap matting at a craft store and have them draw on that. Then mount and frame the handprint.

For a mom-child twist, outline the mother’s handprint in black, then put the child’s handprint inside mom’s. Or you could both paint your hands and make an imprint. You could play with different designs like one hand overlapping the other or different shades of the same color.

Another option is to buy clay or make a clay-like substance to create a molded handprint. Salt clay is easy to make and use and will harden beautifully.

Mother’s Day Nature Walk

Keepsakes make for wonderful gifts but don’t forget about the power of simply spending time together. Whether you choose to do something different or do one of your favorite activities, just spending the day together can be memorable.

A nature walk not only gives you and your child time and space to explore and chat without distractions, it’s also a good reminder of caring for relationships more generally. Amongst birds and trees and plants and animals, the role of “mother” is fun to watch.

The benefits of nature are well documented and can be especially powerful for kids. According to Yes! Magazine, not only does being in nature reduce ADHD symptoms, but “schools with outdoor education programs help students score higher in standardized tests and improve their critical thinking skills. Nature also reduces stress levels and enhances social interactions among children.”

Make a pact to go on a nature walk every Mother’s Day and you’ll start a traditional that will remain special and memorable for years to come.

Making Matching Bead Bracelets

Another memorable and easy way to spend time together and create something special for mom and child, is to grab a few beads and string from your local craft store, and create matching bracelets.

If you’ve got a kiddo who’s not crazy about flashy jewelry, matching braided bracelets may be more your speed. There are tons of tutorials to get you started but it can also be rewarding to create your own kind of braid or colorful twist. The goal isn’t to have the fanciest roped wrists but to have something special for the two of you to wear as a reminder of your bond.

Cook Together

Kids love to cook. Sometimes they’re not that much help, but they love being included. Memories created in the kitchen will last a lifetime. Choose a recipe with just a few ingredients and with steps you can delegate to a preschooler. Baking — where kids could mix or roll cookie dough into balls — are great places to start.

Or shoot for the moon and create a five-star dish no matter the mess that will ensue because it’s Mother’s Day. You should eat something special and can leave the messy cleanup to Dad!

Mother’s Day Joint Journal

Journaling can be a powerful tool for many people. It can help cultivate gratitude, help sort through complex emotions, and can serve as a time capsule. Although your preschooler is too young to start seriously journaling, it’s not too early to introduce them to the idea and show them how to start this good habit.

Start a joint mother-child journal that can grow with you and your child. If you’re new to journaling, you might want to start with a few prompts to get you going. On one page, write the mother’s response to the prompt, on the next page (and ideally in another pen color), transcribe your child’s response. The prompts can be virtually anything from silly to sincere, or superficial to existential.

You can decide how often you want to write but you should always have a chance for both you and your child to respond. Some ideas to get you started: what superpower do you wish you had? What is your favorite animal? What are two things you’re grateful for? When was your best school day? What is your first memory?

Seeing your responses side by side and journaling together, can help strengthen the lines of communication between you and your child which will only grow more necessary as they age. It will encourage good conversation and help you to remember these precious preschool years.

Make the mom(s) in your life feel special with a fun activity she and her preschooler will enjoy! These activities will make memories and give mom even more ways to feel special.


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